The day finally arrived and you are now headed towards Wedded Bliss! But with the beautiful ring and the grand plans comes organisation, and a whole host of BIG decisions. Venues, Theme, THE dress. You’ve finally decided on your bridesmaids but where do you start? Your maid of honour is a 6ft blonde supermodel and one of of your other beautiful bridesmaids has just announced she is 2 months pregnant and when the wedding day appears she will be 8 ½ months pregnant, and if she is already feeling incredibly insecure about being the centre of attention she most certainly will by the big day! As the Bride you will strive to make everybody happy. But where do you start when it comes to dresses. No doubt you have Pinterest boards full of ideas, but the reality can be a very different thing.

The wedding world can be a crazy place, and brides often rely on recomendations from other brides on where to shop or where to locate the various dresses. Online shopping has become a staple to the busy womens life, and online retailers have caught onto the fact that the wedding industry is big business. So we are beginning to see more and more bridesmaid lines popping up across the web. But online shopping comes with its risks.

Price Point–  many online retailers, and many overseas retailers work at a low price point, add on postage and packaging to attract the bargain hunters. But what arrives can often be a complete misgiving to what was advertised. And lets not get started on the returns policies. Don’t get me wrong, many online retailers are reputable and are creating beautiful dresses so its definitely worth the search.

Online vs Reality– An online image can be VERY different to the reality once purchased. What can look like a stunning chiffon corsetted maxi dress on a laptop can be turn up as a polyester, see-through garish nightmare.

Shape- Us girls come in different shapes and sizes. We also all have incredibly different fashion sense. You, as the bride, are in control of the decision to dress your girls in matching dresses, matching colours or to shop around and create a varied pallete of styles and colours. As I mentioned, your bridesmaids are all fabulously different women, even down to the colour of their hair so it can be a tough decision!

So Why go to a Shop/Boutique?

The joy of finding a reputable boutique or a store that stocks your chosen dresses, or if in fact you have no idea what you are looking for, is that they are there to help you. They want to help you find the best and most suitable dresses you can. They will normally stock 3 or 4 Bridesmaid ranges for you to look at and will normally stock the fabric colour swatches too.  There comes a certain excitement with visiting a bridal boutique with your bridesmaids. You can play around with colour, style, and immerse yourself in bridal heaven with your nearest and dearest, and its always great to support local buisnesses to you. You may just be surprised at what you find! Good Luck!

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