Your lovely, gorgeous, wonderful bridesmaids are so excited to be part of your wedding party. And you too, are excited to share these memories with them, and have the important decision of choosing what they wear.

It may be that you have decided to save money and shopping time by buying your bridesmaids dresses online, in which case we urge you to read on, because this decision could have disastrous consequences.

Weddings are stressful enough as it is, without purchasing your bridesmaids dresses online.

The news stories have been littered with stories about brides buying glamourous, gorgeous cut price dresses online from across the world, only to receive the dresses to find they are ill fitting, low quality and look nothing like the pictures shown online. It is no different with bridesmaids dresses. These horror stories aren’t just for the odd person that could never be you – this could easily happen to you if you order your bridesmaids dresses online. What have you got to lose? You might wonder, after all you’re not spending much, right?

You have found the bridesmaids dresses of your dreams online, and at a cut price – what luck! This is the situation many a bride to be finds herself in year after year. The budget is tight, the bridesmaids dresses you want are online for so much less than you have seen in the shops, You buy them and hope for the best. The problem is, ordering your bridesmaids dresses this way could be a real dream crusher and cause you so much more stress than you need. Sure you can get a cheap dress or five from Asia, but what turns up is unlikely to be what you wanted. Consider the following before clicking buy on those too-good-to-be-true bridesmaids dresses online:

The Dresses Will Not Be The Same

This is particularly relevant if you have chosen designer dresses. Many wholesalers claim to make the dress in the same way the designer does, but you won’t get the same dress you see. At the most you might get a feeble resemblance. Just think logically – for the price you are paying the wholesaler cannot make a dress like that for the price you are paying.  If it isn’t designer, you should expect the dresses to be made from low grade material, and to be a size completely different to what you were expecting as Asian dress sizes are so much smaller than in the UK. Basically – you cannot expect to get what you see, which is quite the gamble with such an important decision. Would you normally shop with your eyes closed and without touching the garment?

Shipping Is An Issue

Shipping from Asia to the UK can be costly. The way it costs so little to ship to you is by the garments being stuffed into a soft package with no regard to the effect on the garments. Some material might steam out the many wrinkles that come from this kind of packaging, some material might not recover at all. And as for seeing where your package is and tracking it, you’re unlikely to be able to do that at all because it costs extra money.

Ghosting Could Be A Problem

Common horror stories see buyers not even getting the chance to be horrified at their packages – because the packages never come. Online sellers are known to ghost buyers by disappearing never to be heard from again. This isn’t rare, or a one off, this is a common occurrence. Once they have your payment details, they may well disappear without a trace. As a general rule you should never, ever give your money to an unverified seller. Where possible always pay through Paypal online.

Details May Be Misunderstood

With cheap online services you should not expect high grade translation services – there isn’t a budget on the other end for that. They will be using the most basic online translation which leaves great margin for error when it comes to your bridesmaid dress order. So the material, colour and sizes might be completely lost in translation. Remember your order is just one of many, so you are just a number to the seller, nothing more.

You Might Get The Measurements Wrong

Even if the company is legitimate it is possible you will get measurements wrong. There may be a chart the company ask you to use, your bridesmaids might get their measurements wrong, or you might simply write them down wrong. None of you are seamstresses so you’re not expected to get it right. All of this plus translation issues provides potential for disaster.

It Isn’t Just Horror Stories

It might sound dramatic, but these aren’t just made up horror stories, there are countless stories companies like ours have heard about from very unhappy brides forced to buy last minute, in a rush and with money lost, because they thought they would be ‘one of the lucky ones’ to get a dream deal buying their bridesmaids dresses online.

It Isn’t Just Ordering From Asia

Even if you choose to order online in this country, you’re really going to be losing out. When you work with a company in person they bring so many benefits including:

  • Providing the ability for you to touch the infinity dress material in person
  • Providing the ability for your bridesmaids to try their twist strap dress on to see what suits their figure
  • Giving you and your bridesmaids lovely memories of sharing this special experience together
  • Giving you experience and advice from years in the job
  • Giving you a warm, friendly service from start to finish, removing any worry about the dresses so you can focus on other important things
  • Giving you adjustment services if you need them

Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses in the UK, with a company you can work with in person is the best thing you can do for yourself, for your bridesmaids, for your budget and for your sanity. Cut out the middleman and buy directly from a specialist bridal shop, as the middleman can’t be trusted to care about you.