Wedding colour trends are continually changing and being on trend can be a complete a minefield. The possibilities are endless, with a multitude of colours tones and trends. Getting the colour right, can be a real art and something that sets you apart from all other weddings, is having your own style. Which is why it is so important to make your wedding your own and implement your style and taste into your wedding.
Whether you are after tradition, rustic or all about bright colours we have some fantastic colour trends to show you.

If you’ve gravitated Pastel shades, you will find these colours are not only pleasing on the eye, but give the bridesmaids that gentle beauty. This delicate palette gives a real romantic feel and ideal for Spring weddings.

OnlyWay Bridesmaid favorites-
Chalk pink, Nude pink, dove grey dusty blue.

With Coral being 2019 pantone colour of the year, its all about the bright injection of rich Coral. This tropical colour can be matched with many colours making it one of the most versatile colours. Matched with Dove or Slate grey, navy blue, turquoise, Teal or gold. Mixing the shades with your preferred colour not only incorporates the freshness of the coral but gives a touch or personality. We loved these colours for Spring and Summer Weddings.

OnlyWay favourites- Rich Coral, Turquoise, Dove Grey

Elegant Green
Champagne is a timeless tone that will never go out of style, mix this up by adding an elegant mixture of sage green or olive greens with some gorgeous grey and you are onto a winner. This simple colour palette offers a real elegant and timeless look.

OnlyWay favourites- Slate Grey, Sage Green,Olive Green.