When you are planning your wedding, one of the biggest decisions you will make won’t be the dress, the venue, or even what to say for your vows, it will actually be the colour scheme. OK, we might be being a tad dramatic there but, the colour scheme is important because it involves nearly everything – the flowers, the decor, the bridesmaids dresses, the invites. The colour you choose for your wedding is a big, big deal.

If you haven’t chosen your wedding colour yet, you might find our guide to wedding colours useful. Different colours have different meanings so, the information in this guide may just help you choose a colour that is not only one you like, but one with special meaning to you, which can only be a good thing right?


Orange is a beautiful, rich, bright colour commonly seen at autumnal weddings, or at tropical weddings (theme or location). Orange is invigorating, stimulating, energetic, natural, sunlight and warmth. Orange is crisp, crunchy leaves on the forest floor, or a beautiful sunset in the sky. Orange could be flickering flames licking heat onto marshmallows, or bright and exciting tropical flowers swaying in the beach breeze. Orange provides heat, happiness and a glow to a wedding. When represented in gold it brings a feeling of wealth, prestige, wisdom and quality to the big day.


Ivory is a nod to the opulent weddings of the past, to the vintage. Ivory is true, vintage glamour which makes any wedding have a classic  and beautiful look. Rich black suits, red roses and pearl all sit very well with an ivory wedding.


Not just for funerals, black can be part of a modern wedding suggesting elegance, power, sexuality, strength and depth. Black is probably a bit strong for a primary theme colour (although of course the choice is yours!) but it can certainly bring a bit of polish and class to the details of your bash if you want it to. Black doesn’t really fall out of trend in any setting. Black means power, mystery, strength, elegance and prestige.


White is modern, it is traditional and it is always on trend. Crisp white is the traditional western wedding and it is a gorgeous base shade for a wedding, because any additional colours placed with it will pop. White is virginal, virtuous, luxurious, expensive and pure.


Blue, is relaxed and serene and has many many meanings. Blue ribbon symbolises success and winning. Blue jewellry or floral displays suggest happiness, hope and new beginnings. Certain shades of blue like royal blue represent nobility and faithfulness. With many weddings currently being pastel, nautical or natural in theme, blue lends itself as the primary player in many a colour scheme.


Brown doesn’t have to be 70’s. Brown is extremely natural and grounded. Nature, eco-friendly themes and bringing the outdoors in are huge wedding themes at the moment, and brown sits very well with those themes. Brown is a great choice for decor, and sits well as bark, wood, chippings and earth combined with stone, metals and hessian to make stunning forest floor table displays. Think earthy, rich and full of life rather than flat and dismal vintage. Brown means comfort, loyalty, sensibility and practicality.


Green has so many meanings, it represents life itself. Having green at your wedding is a celebration of life and nature and new growth. The green of tropical succulents as table displays, or a gorgeous mint green infinity dress on your Maid Of Honour, the bright aqua green of tropical 50’s chair covers, or simply the leaves on the trees at your outdoor forest wedding. Green is nature, rebirth, growth, life, a renewal of all things. Green at a wedding provides a centred, wonderful living feel.


Grey is having an ‘on trend’ moment in both interior design and wedding themes. Grey is neutral and impartial and in Feng Shui it is calm and detached. It works really well as a colour for the bridesmaid infinity dresses, and for table decorations of pebbles, metals and ribbon. When represented in silver in brings a feeling of wealth, prestige and relates to the ebb and flow of the tide under the cycles of the moon.


Pink is sexual, innocent, sensual, gentle, loving and harmonious all at the same time. Richer pinks like fuchsia are heated and passionate. Neutral pinks are young, fresh, innocent and soft. Pink represents sex, love and passion and makes for a gorgeous primary colour theme.


Purple is extremely sexy and opulent. It holds a meaning of deep spirituality and creativity, and even an element of mystery. A darker purple is more regal and sensuous, whereas a lighter purple is more innocent, more gentle. Richer purples suit more luxurious weddings. Lavenders are great for softer, more natural weddings.


Red is so deep and is the colour of love. It is passionate, sexy, powerful and strong. A strong autumnal colour that is hot, modern and natural. A pillarbox red can work well with white especially at a wedding in London, or a vintage wedding. More natural tones like rust and copper are gorgeous in autumn. Red has many meanings including strength, power, determination, courage, longing and erotic feelings.


Yellow means happiness, wealth, joy, intelligence, honour and loyalty. Yellow is a wonderful wedding colour, with sunshine yellow or mustard yellow being a gorgeous vintage choice which works well with lace and floral designs, or pastel yellow being a stunning and traditional choice for decor, and for multiway bridesmaids dresses.

So whatever your favourite colour, and however you chose to show it on your wedding day, with over 20 colours to chose from, Onlyway Multiways are guaranteed to bring that perfect splash of colour to your day!