Planning a wedding is an exciting time for any bride- but it can also be very stressful too when things don’t go to plan! From picking a venue through to deciding what to wear, there will be so much to think about in the months and weeks leading up to your big day.

Aside from the most important job of choosing your own beautiful wedding dress, you’ll also have to decide what your bridesmaids will don too. With so many choices out there, from ordering a custom-made gown from overseas or from a high street store through to buying one directly from a wedding shop, it can be hard to know where to begin!

Here at Onlyway, we believe going down the traditional route of buying from a wedding shop or boutique is still the best option- and here’s why:

There’ll be no risk of the dresses not fitting properly 

One of the biggest risks about ordering dresses from overseas or purchasing them online is that they won’t fit properly when they arrive. Even if you’ve given a tailor in China your bridesmaids’ individual measurements these may have changed by the time your wedding date rolls round, resulting in some serious wardrobe mishaps!

We believe it’s always best to try on a dress in person and purchase from a wedding shop that will not only let you alter the designs but is also close enough for your bridesmaids to pop in for any last minute fittings.

You won’t have to worry about the dresses arriving on time

Another major risk of ordering dresses online is that they might not arrive in time (or at all!), causing you extra expense and stress as you struggle to find replacements. This is especially true if your ordering from overseas as shipping could take weeks. It’s best not to take a gamble on delivery companies and opt for a service closer to home instead.

You won’t be misled by pictures

So you’ve been perusing the digital aisles for hours and you’ve finally found the perfect dresses that will suit all your chosen bridesmaids. However, when they turn up they’re not quite the same as the pictures. The colour is slightly different, the fabric is see-through and that embroidery detailing that looked so exquisite on your computer screen actually just looks a bit cheap in person.

All these nightmare scenarios can be easily avoided by buying in person instead. Many dress shops and boutiques will stock multiple varieties of dress with a whole range of stunning colour and embellishment options to make them truly unique for your special day.

You’ll be supporting British dressmakers

By buying a dress from a tailor or shop in the UK, you’ll probably be supporting local dressmakers as it’s likely that it was made right here on British soil. Even if the dresses are made overseas though, you’ll still be using a British tailor to alter them which is great for helping support local business while getting a beautiful finished product.

Why go with the Onlyway dress?

Now we’ve told you the benefits of buying bridesmaids dresses from a wedding shop, it’s time to tell you why our Onlyway dress is the best too!

A lot of bridesmaids dresses can be one-hit wonders, especially if they have a very style-influenced shape or fit a specific theme. The Onlyway dress also has a timeless and versatile design which can be made more unique by your preferred choice of colour, plus it’s made right here in the UK! Not only does the one-size, floaty design of our stunning dress ensure a perfect fit every time but we’re also stocked in a number of different outlets across the country, meaning your bridesmaids can try before you buy.