Our Story

As the bridal industry continues to change, Onlyway have created a beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses that evolve with the footsteps of today’s changing times.

Established in 2016, supporting bridal boutiques across the globe, we are a young exciting brand with a proven formula for success- UK produced, quality and customer focused.

We invite you to discover our exclusive new collection of bridesmaid dresses, revealing how we have redefined today’s bridal party.

The New Wrap collection incorporates our signature silk touch jersey to create an elegant, refined timeless look.

Attention to detail, cut, design and workmanship ensures each dress a feminine and flattering fit. 

We design for every bride and bridesmaid who is looking for a dress that she can not only wear for the wedding day but over and over for any special occasion. 

A dress to carry with them for years to come.

Meet The Team



The inspiration for the Onlyway dress came when Sarah was planning her own wedding back in 2014.

It was not until over a year later, after giving birth to her first child that the development and work really began. While still working full time in her previous job, Sarah worked evenings and weekends to build a base of stockists and eventually grew Onlyway enough to enable herself to leave her job and run Onlyway full time.

Each dress is handmade, checked and tested all here in the UK and undergoes a final check by Sarah.

Sarah has been working with a small, close and experienced team based throughout the UK to ensure every Onlyway dress is perfect!


Having worked within engineering for over 25 years, Debbie has a BA (Hons) Accountancy and a wealth of experience within business and finance.

As Onlyway started to make traction within the bridal industry, Debbie decided to take a step back from engineering to help Sarah manage and run Onlyway. 

Allowing Onlway to begin in the spare bedroom at her home, this enabled the business to grow very quickly and eventually move to the offices they now occupy. 

Debbie’s main role is to manage production and finance. 

Both Debbie and Sarah ensure that core family values are at the heart of every decision made at Onlyway.